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A Conversation with Brookelle Bombeshelle: Crafting Tattoos and Modeling Dreams into Reality

By Macie

In the dynamic realm of tattoo artistry and modeling, Brookelle emerges as a distinctive force. Her journey unfolds as a captivating tapestry of creativity, blending the intricacies of tattoo craftsmanship with the world of modeling. My interview with Brookelle was not just a bunch of questions; it was an immersion into the passion, dedication, and artistry that define her as both a tattoo artist and a model, shattering stereotypes in the process.

A Lifelong Dream Realized Through Ink

Brookelle's journey into tattoo artistry began the moment she turned 18. "I've been drawn to tattoos and modeling for as long as I can remember," she shared. Securing an apprenticeship and initiating photoshoots, Brookelle embarked on a mission to weave her two lifelong passions into a seamless career. Her current goals? To continually elevate her craft and, notably, to be featured as a cover artist in tattoo lifestyle publications.

From Childhood Dreams to Cover Model Aspirations

As we explored her inspiration, Brookelle revealed that her fascination with modeling began in childhood. "Playing dress-up was my favorite activity," she reminisced. Watching "America's Next Top Model" as a teenager fueled her ambition to be a model. The dream to grace the covers of tattoo magazines, showcasing empowered women, became the cornerstone of her aspirations.

Tattoos as a Tapestry of Stories

When asked about her favorite tattoos, Brookelle playfully replied, "I can never decide; my newest one is my favorite!" However, a particular ink stands out - her mother's handwriting tattooed on her left arm, echoing the phrase, "I love you to the beach and back." It's a touching tribute to family that holds a special place in her heart.

Influences and Inspirations in Tattoo Artistry

As a natural-born artist, Brookelle's destiny led her into the world of tattoo artistry. Black and grey, realism, and illustrative styles have always been her biggest influences. Surrounded by artists who inspire and motivate her, she highlighted the impact of the convention circuit, connecting her with established artists worldwide.

Navigating Challenges and Stereotypes: Staying True to Myself

In our conversation, Brookelle opened up about the hurdles and stereotypes she faces as a tattoo artist. "Unfortunately, there are people out there who don't love themselves enough, so they seek to attack others," she shared, acknowledging the less-than-supportive comments she's encountered.

Among the criticisms she's heard over the years is, "You only get booked because your a** is out," or, "Clients only come to you because you have t*ts." However, Brookelle takes it all in stride, saying, "I don’t let that get me down. I dress the way I do for myself, and I present myself in a classy way."

Navigating through the challenges, Brookelle remains grounded in her authenticity. "I don’t seek to be perceived as a sexual object," she explained. "On top of that, most of my clientele is women or members of the LGBTQ community anyway."

Her approach to stereotypes is refreshingly relatable. Rather than letting negativity dictate her journey, Brookelle embraces her unique style, turning it into a source of empowerment. Through her resilience and commitment to being herself, she not only confronts stereotypes head-on but also paves the way for a more inclusive and accepting industry.

Collaboration and Artistic Expression Beyond Modeling

Brookelle collaborates with fellow tattoo artists, often joining forces at conventions. Whether contributing linework or partnering with a color artist, she enjoys the collaborative process that brings unique ideas to life.

Beyond Tattoos: Fashion, Advocacy, and Future Plans

Her tattoo style naturally influences her fashion choices, leaning towards a darker aesthetic. Engaged deeply in the tattoo convention community, Brookelle advocates for creating a safe and comfortable environment for women and LGBTQ members during tattooing.

Looking ahead, Brookelle plans to continue tattooing both nationally and internationally. She envisions gracing the covers of tattoo magazines, embracing the evolution of her tattoo collection over time as a perpetual journey of self-expression.

In conclusion, my time interviewing Brookelle was an absolute delight. Her passion, resilience, and dedication to creating a positive space within the tattoo artistry and modeling community are truly inspiring. As she continues to evolve her craft and break down stereotypes, Brookelle stands as a testament to the power of self-expression through ink and art.

You can follow Brookelle and here works here..

Instagram @Brookelle.Bombshelle

Venmo @Brookelle-Bombshelle

CashApp $BrookelleBombshelle

TikTok @BrookellleBombshelle

Spellcraft Tattoo

Baltimore, MD

High Art Tattoo

St Petersburg, FL.

Brookelle's photographers are; 

Erik Blume @ebphoto651 (dark background photo)

Sean Dackermann @seandackermann (white background photos)

A sincere thank you to Brookelle for generously sharing her experiences, dreams, and wisdom. Her commitment to authenticity and breaking down stereotypes is a beacon of empowerment in the tattoo artistry and modeling community.

May her story continue to inspire and pave the way for others seeking to express themselves fearlessly. Thank you, Brookelle, for your time, your art, and the positive impact you bring to the world.

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