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"Candid Conversations: Unveiling Cass's Inked Odyssey"

Hey ink enthusiasts, buckle up for an unfiltered, raw interview with the fabulous Cass, a 24-year-old tattoo artist hailing from the vibrant streets of Detroit, Michigan. We delved deep into her world of ink, modeling, and the profound stories etched into her skin. Here's the unfiltered scoop straight from our conversation:

Cass kicks off the chat with her introduction - a journey that began around 18 or 19, courtesy of Ernie Bustamante. Corporate America forced a brief hiatus, but now she's back, living her dream career and gracing the modeling scene once again.

The inspiration behind her foray into tattoo modeling? Childhood admiration for the gorgeous ladies at tattoo conventions has evolved into a mission to spread positivity and love within the industry.

Her tattoos are not just ink; they are a narrative, a testament to meaningful moments in her life. From a Māori crescent moon as a right of passage, inked by Su’a Sulu’ape Angela, to a poignant corpse flower memorializing her cousin Stacey, Cass wears her stories on her sleeve.

Nature and European renaissance era painting shape her tattoo choices, especially the 'sacred garden' on her right side. Each piece is a homage to someone or a significant life event.

Influenced by the likes of Cody Reed, Jamie McLone, Angela Wood, and many more, Cass's tattoos give her a unique edge in the modeling world. Each piece is exclusive, adding an element of fun to the viewing experience.

Collaboration is key in bringing her tattoo ideas to life. Cass entrusts the artist with a basic theme and witnesses the magic unfold. It's a process that has worked wonders for her so far.

When it comes to preferences, Cass is a sucker for the flow of tattoos against the body's anatomy. It's all about that harmonious integration with the muscular structure.

Tattoo culture, from ancient civilizations to its current evolution, fascinates Cass. She sees tattoos staying in demand, with each new artist pushing the industry a step further.

The increasing acceptance of tattoos in various industries brings joy to Cass. It's a stark shift from the times when heavily tattooed individuals faced job market challenges. Now, they're breaking stereotypes and gaining the recognition they deserve.

For aftercare, Cass keeps it simple - hempz lotion daily and sunscreen for sun exposure. Hydration, she believes, is the key to maintaining those vibrant tattoos.

Advice for first-timers? Just do it. Research artists, attend conventions, and immerse yourself in the culture. And, a cheeky reminder - if someone tells you tattoos don’t hurt, they're probably fibbing.

Fashion choices for Cass are as diverse as her ink. Some days it's feminine, flaunting large pieces at conventions. Other days, it's all about practicality, especially when working as a tattoo artist.

No rigid fashion rules here. Cass believes everyone has a style that complements their tattoos, emphasizing the importance of comfort.

In the industry since she was 13, currently stationed at Mended Art in Wyandotte, Michigan, Cass uses her platform to uplift local artists and tattoo buddies. For her, it's about community over competition.

As for the future, Cass's left leg awaits a Draconian Transylvanian-themed leg sleeve by Cody Reed. Imagine Gary Oldman’s Dracula portrait, an exquisite blend of the old and young Dracula, holding a gold goblet of blood, Transylvania forming in the background.

The evolution of Cass's tattoos? More flowers, sacred geometry, that Dracula leg sleeve, and cute fillers by friends. A constantly evolving canvas, mirroring the ever-changing journey of life. Stay inked, stay authentic.

Cass's credit her photographer:

Ernie Bustamante, owner of Inked Photography

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