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"Canvas Chronicles: A Tattoo Model's Journey through Stories, Styles, and Self-Expression"

In her introductory passage, Carlee, a fresh face in the tattoo modeling realm, shares her initiation into the industry. Drawn in by the allure of tattoo magazines like the one she's now featured in, Carlee confesses to always harboring the desire to be a part of this unique world. Her journey, marked by a recent foray into modeling opportunities, reflects the excitement and anticipation she holds for the uncharted path she is embarking upon.

"The Inspiration Behind the Ink"

Exploring the roots of Carlee's venture into tattoo modeling, we uncover a deep appreciation for alternative beauty and a commitment to showcasing individuality. Carlee's motivation stems from a genuine love for the multifaceted expressions of alternative beauty, making her feel right at home in the world of tattoo modeling. She envisions her tattoos not merely as aesthetic additions but as tools to convey personal stories, allowing people a glimpse into the intricate tales etched on her skin.

"Stories Etched in Ink"

Within the canvas of her skin, Carlee unveils narratives, and one such story revolves around her first tattoo—a small daisy on her sternum. This inked memory wasn't chosen for its aesthetic appeal but for its placement in a painful spot, a decision made to prove a point during a flash event with her cousin. Carlee's playful spirit and determination come alive as she turns an initially undesirable situation into a memorable and unique tale.

"Tattoos with Heartfelt Meaning"

Delving into the emotional core of Carlee's ink collection, we discover a poignant tribute to her late grandmother—a leather jacket adorned with colorful patches. Symbolizing their shared love for Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors," this tattoo stands as a heartfelt ode to cherished memories. The inclusion of "I Will Always Love You" further enriches the narrative, creating a deeply personal and emotional connection through the artistry of ink.

"Influences and Styles"

Carlee's tattoo choices and style are heavily influenced by pop culture, manifesting in a vibrant display of neo-traditional and blackwork styles. She embraces the illustrative qualities of neo-traditional ink and recently delved into the allure of blackwork with her first significant piece. Carlee envisions herself continuing in this artistic direction, showcasing the ever-evolving nature of her tattoo preferences.

"Tattoos as a Modeling Asset"

In contemplating the intersection of tattoos and modeling, Carlee believes her ink makes her more intriguing to viewers. She perceives her tattoos as a unique asset that sets her apart in the modeling world, adding an extra layer of allure to her overall presence. Carlee, despite being relatively new to the scene, recognizes the visual impact that tattoos can have, making her modeling portfolio distinctly captivating.

"Collaborative Creativity"

In the realm of collaborative creativity with tattoo artists, Carlee admits to being more of an idea-bringer than a collaborator. Her trust in artists, particularly Dom at Ink Therapy in Lansing, is evident as she allows their creative vision to take the lead. Carlee's approach highlights the importance of a symbiotic relationship between model and artist, resulting in consistently satisfying and beautiful ink.

"The Future of Tattoos"

Carlee envisions a future where tattoos become so normalized that they cease to be a topic of conversation within the next decade. She anticipates a cultural shift where tattoos will be as widely accepted as common beauty practices like hair coloring or nail enhancements. Carlee's optimistic outlook speaks to the evolving acceptance of tattoos in mainstream culture.

"Wisdom for First-Timers"

Addressing those considering their first tattoo, Carlee advocates for self-expression and autonomy. Her advice encourages individuals to get what they want and resist external pressures. She also offers practical guidance regarding visible tattoos in certain professional settings, ensuring that individuals can make informed decisions about their body art.

You can follow Carlee here

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