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Embracing Ink: An Insightful Chat with Tattoo Model Raquel

Updated: Feb 9

In the vibrant world of tattoo modeling, Raquel stands out not just for her stunning ink but also for the confidence and positivity she exudes. In a delightful conversation, Raquel shared her journey, the stories behind her tattoos, and her thoughts on the evolving culture of body art.

Getting Started in the Tattoo Industry

Raquel's journey into the tattoo world spans over a decade, where she not only owns two tattoo studios but also found her way in front of the camera. "I've always loved the tattoo industry," she says. "After years of conventions, meeting incredible artists, photographers, and models, I finally decided to have some fun in front of the camera myself."

From Struggles to Confidence

Opening up about her inspiration to become a tattoo model, Raquel speaks candidly about her personal struggles. "I struggled with confidence over the years, dealing with issues related to food and body image," she admits. "I decided to give myself more positive attention and be proud of who I am, regardless of my body. Having friends who are photographers and tattoo enthusiasts really helped me appreciate myself more."

Stories Etched in Ink

Raquel's tattoos are not just art; they're a testament to her life experiences. "Most of my tattoos are larger pieces done with people I am close to," she shares. "Each tattoo experience is a chance to bond with your artist and yourself, allowing your body to show strength."

Meaningful Ink

While not every tattoo has a deep meaning, Raquel's chest piece holds a special place in her heart. "It represents my two kids and being a mother—a heart made of two pediatric skulls," she reveals. "Creating something for my children was a beautiful experience."

Challenges and Stereotypes

Addressing challenges faced as a tattoo model, Raquel highlights societal judgments on heavily tattooed women. "People can be judgmental, questioning the number and quality of tattoos someone has," she remarks. "But it all comes down to autonomy—letting people be who they are and display themselves as they want."

Tattoos in Culture

Discussing the evolving role of tattoos in broader culture, Raquel notes the rapid growth in styles and quality. "Tattoos are becoming more accepted because they're displayed as diverse art forms," she observes. "It's a conversation starter about personal journeys."

Tattoos in Various Industries

Raquel celebrates the increasing acceptance of tattoos in various industries. "It's fantastic that it's becoming harder to find someone without tattoos," she enthuses. "More acceptance means more artistic expression and common ground among people."

Looking to the Future

As for the future of her tattoo collection, Raquel plans to gradually complete it, aiming for full coverage. "I'm choosy about what and when," she says with a smile. "Filling in the gaps and some solid coverage; that's the look I love for myself."

In the end, Raquel's journey is not just about ink on skin but a celebration of self-love, confidence, and the evolving artistry of tattoos. It was truly a pleasure to chat with someone so passionate about their craft and life's journey.

Ernie Bustamante, owner of Inked Photography

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Raquel is truly an amazing woman! How she juggles all that she does and still makes time for her own growth is inspiring. Great to learn a bit more about her!

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