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"Ink, Confidence, and Individuality: A Conversation with Lana Brooke Helm"

In the world of tattoo modeling, where stories are etched onto skin, Lana Brooke Helm emerges as a canvas of empowerment and self-expression. SkinDependent Magazine delves into an intimate conversation with Lana as she recounts her journey into the tattoo modeling scene, the tales behind her ink, and the profound influence tattoos have had on her sense of identity.

Embarking on the Inked Odyssey: An apprentice at Meraki Tattoo and Piercing in Crystal City, MO, and a performer at the Carnival of Ink tattoo convention, Lana divulges that her foray into tattoo modeling began unexpectedly. Introduced by a friend to Morgan Tucker from Moon and Coven, Lana's inaugural shoot was a collaborative masterpiece with Tucker, an experience she describes as "amazing and empowering."

From Insecurity to Inked Confidence: What inspired Lana to become a tattoo model? It was a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, fueled by the acquisition of what she fondly calls "sweet ass tatties." The tattoos became more than just body art; they became a shield against the echoes of childhood bullying, allowing Lana to embrace her true self.

Lana's skin tells stories, each tattoo bearing a narrative. Her "sweet tooth" tattoo, inspired by the Twisted Metal game, and the Jackalope on her thigh, a reflection of her unique and outgoing nature, are just the beginning. The pennywise mermaid tattoo, skillfully inked by her husband Joe Helm, holds a special place, symbolizing family bonds and artistic triumph at the Carnival of Ink tattoo convention.

Influence and Artistry: Lana credits her husband and tattoo artists Joe Helm, Sean Seger, and Dylan Sansoucie for their role in shaping her unique ink. The collaborative process involves Lana setting the tone while granting artistic freedom, resulting in tattoos that resonate with her personality and experiences.

Tattoos as Empowerment: For Lana, tattoos are not just a form of self-expression; they are the cornerstone of her modeling career. "Without my tattoos, I probably would've never modeled in my life; they give me confidence and make me complete," she affirms, highlighting the transformative power of body art.

Beyond modeling, Lana leverages her platform to advocate for mental health awareness, urging others not to feel alone or ashamed of their struggles. Looking ahead, Lana reveals plans for bioorganic work and additional clown-themed pieces, aspiring to blanket herself in ink from head to toe.

Lana Brooke Helm's journey through the tattooed landscape is a narrative of resilience, self-love, and artistic collaboration. Her body becomes a living canvas, each tattoo a chapter in her evolving story. As societal acceptance of tattoos grows, Lana's odyssey stands as a beacon for those seeking empowerment and identity through the powerful medium of ink.

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