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Ink Noir: Lizz's Modeling Descent into the Abyss

Updated: Feb 14

In the small town of Beaverton, Michigan, a 24-year-old artist named Lizz carved her own path in the world of ink. Raised in a community that often urged her to think "realistically," Lizz's artistic aspirations initially led her to the world of professional makeup. However, when the pandemic closed the doors to that dream, fate had a different plan for her.

Unable to pursue makeup artistry, Lizz decided to move south with her partner, seeking new opportunities. A stint at a body jewelry kiosk unexpectedly led her to the world of tattooing. Bored at work one day, she found herself sketching a tattoo concept, catching the eye of a seasoned tattoo artist who suggested she could learn the craft herself.

Three months of contemplation passed before Lizz gathered the courage to assemble a portfolio. To her surprise, it earned her an apprenticeship. What began as a creative outlet soon became a transformative journey into the art of tattooing.

Now anchored in the shadows of Fenton, Michigan, Lizz reigns as a gothic muse, wielding the tattoo needle to craft dark symphonies on willing canvases. Her studio, a haven of obsidian creativity, echoes with the whispers of her artistic journey. Each stroke, a macabre dance of ink, tells stories that resonate with the gothic undercurrents of her soul. Fenton, with its brooding ambiance, provides the perfect backdrop for Lizz's exploration into the darker realms of self-expression. As a tattoo artist, she conjures a fusion of the gothic aesthetic, merging the enigmatic allure of the shadows with the haunting tales etched onto the flesh of those who seek her inked embrace.

One significant chapter in Lizz's tattoo narrative unfolded at the Flint Tattoo City Convention, where she entered the Ms. Tattoo City Experience and claimed the runner-up title. It marked her debut into the world of modeling, a realm she'd always yearned to explore.

Inspired by her friend Shelby Tipton, a published model, Lizz found the courage to venture into modeling herself. Shelby's story and warm encouragement shattered the intimidating facade of the modeling world, making it feel accessible and welcoming.

her involvement in the Ms. Tattoo City Experience has become a vital chapter, a profound connection with like-minded souls. This enclave of kindred spirits, her beloved "girlies," holds a special place in her heart, offering not just shared artistic endeavors but a sense of belonging. The Ms. Tattoo City Experience is not merely a community of models; it's an immersive journey into the collective passion for body art and self-expression. As the calendar inches closer to April, Lizz eagerly anticipates the reunion, where ink tales, laughter, and the resonance of buzzing tattoo machines will once again fill the air, solidifying the bonds forged in the experience. In the realm of tattoos and modeling, these connections transcend the skin, weaving a narrative that goes beyond the individual to form a living, breathing community.

As Lizz interviewed for us, she shared the stories behind some of her favorite tattoos. While each tattoo holds a meditative quality for her, one on her throat stands out. Reflecting on her throat chakra and self-expression, the pain became a transformative experience, shedding layers of her identity.

Among her inked tales, Lizz holds a special place for her first tattoo, a heart-shaped daisy she got with her mom at the age of 17. The poignant memory gained even more significance as her mother passed away at the beginning of her tattoo apprenticeship. This tattoo marked not only the start of her ink journey but also a lasting connection to her mother.

Lizz's tattoo choices and style draw inspiration from music and pop culture. From dedications to her favorite icons to a Kuromi Centipede inspired by musician Jazmin Bean's personal tattoo, her body art becomes a canvas for self-expression and homage.

Immersed in the world of tattoos, Lizz finds inspiration in artists like @aingelblood, captivated by their cybersiglism. She also draws influence from spooky Drag artists and blends horror with kawaii aesthetics, as seen in tattoos by artists like @lauraanunnaki.

Beyond the ink and modeling, Lizz uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness. Opening up about her struggles, she hopes to inspire others to prioritize their mental well-being and break free from self-imposed limitations.

Looking ahead, Lizz envisions adding a torso tattoo to her collection. Patiently waiting for the right time and artist, she contemplates the evolution of her tattoos, foreseeing a shift towards elegance and cohesion in her inked stories.

You can follow Lizz's journey on her instagram here Lizz Zealia (@morbid.mystic) • Instagram photos and videos

 photographerssErnie Bustamante and Doug Julian

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