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Unveiling the Canvas: Christen's Journey as a Tattoo Model

In an exclusive interview with Skindependent Magazine, Christen shares the intimate stories behind her ink, the inspiration that drove her into the tattoo modeling world, and her perspective on the evolving role of tattoos in broader culture.

Finding Identity in Ink

Christen's journey into the world of tattoo modeling started with a desire to break free from societal judgments. "I remember constantly being judged for being covered in tattoos as a woman," she reflects. "But when I walked into a shop or convention, I was praised for my artwork on my body and was told I should model."

Embracing Uniqueness

"What inspired you to become a tattoo model?" we asked. "Realizing the tattoo world was exactly made for misfits like me," Christen responds. Embracing her uniqueness, she found solace in an industry that welcomed diversity and self-expression.

Tattoos as Stories

Christen's favorite and most spontaneous tattoo is the one that reads "unholy" across her abdomen. It serves as a powerful statement against judgment. "You can judge me for what is on my body, but in the end, only my own opinion matters," she declares.

Tattoos with Meaning

Several tattoos hold deep meaning for Christen. The skull butterfly and "22" on her hand serve as a memorial for her best friend who lost his battle with depression. Another poignant piece is a ghost with a gun on her knee, symbolizing her sister's struggle with addiction and the toll it takes on one's mind.

Artistic Influences

"Who or what has influenced your tattoo choices and style?" we inquire. "Life," she answers. Christen sees tattoos as a reflection of her thoughts and experiences, a testament to the journey she has undertaken.

Breaking Stereotypes

As a tattoo model, Christen acknowledges that stereotypes persist, but she's learned to navigate them. "It's not about looks, it's the confidence and knowledge I bring to the table," she asserts. Despite lingering judgment, she has successfully landed every job she desired.

Advocacy Through Ink

Christen utilizes her platform, particularly on TikTok, to challenge stereotypes and advocate for causes related to the judicial system, parenting, and breaking stigmas surrounding individuals with tattoos.

Future of Tattoos

As tattoos become more accepted in various industries, Christen envisions a well-planned, placed, and designed collection that tells her story with depth and authenticity.

In conclusion, Christen's journey as a tattoo model reflects a powerful narrative of self-discovery, resilience, and the evolving acceptance of tattoos in our culture. Her story inspires us to embrace individuality and challenge societal norms, one inked expression at a time.

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